Angelina Jolie Alleges History of Brad Pitt’s Abuse in Miraval Lawsuit Filing: Key Details Revealed

Angelina Jolie Alleges History of Brad Pitt’s Abuse in Miraval Lawsuit Filing: Key Details Revealed

Angelina Jolie – Amidst the ongoing legal battle between Hollywood icons Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt over the ownership of their once-shared French winery, Miraval, shocking allegations have surfaced. In a recent court filing, Jolie has accused Pitt of a “history of physical abuse” against her prior to their highly publicized 2016 plane ride incident. The dispute over Miraval has become a focal point, with Jolie claiming that Pitt attempted to coerce her into signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to conceal his alleged abuse, tying it to the winery’s business interests.

The new filing, obtained by CNN, reveals Jolie’s assertion that Pitt’s abusive behavior predates the 2016 plane incident, although specific details regarding the alleged prior abuse are not disclosed. Jolie contends that Pitt’s insistence on the NDA was a pivotal factor in the breakdown of negotiations regarding her stake in Miraval. She claims to have initially agreed to a limited NDA focused solely on not disparaging Miraval’s wine business but refused to sign the broader NDA proposed by Pitt.

Pitt, in response, had previously filed a lawsuit in 2022 asserting that Jolie’s sale of her stake in Miraval was vindictive, following an adverse custody ruling. However, Jolie’s legal team counters that Pitt’s refusal to purchase her stake without the NDA’s inclusion raises questions about his motivations and attempts to conceal his alleged misconduct.

While Jolie chose not to pursue legal action against Pitt in connection with the 2016 altercation, she emphasizes in the filing that she believed it was crucial for Pitt to take responsibility for his actions to facilitate their family’s healing process. Despite the FBI concluding its investigation without charges against Pitt, Jolie maintains her position regarding his alleged abusive behavior.

The legal wrangling over Miraval, coupled with the underlying custody and abuse allegations, continues to exact an emotional and financial toll on Jolie and their family. Jolie expresses her desire for healing and protection for their children, highlighting the ongoing strain caused by Pitt’s actions and legal maneuvers.

As the legal proceedings persist, the former couple’s joint ownership of Miraval remains a contentious issue, symbolizing not only their shared past but also the lingering conflicts and unresolved tensions between Jolie and Pitt.