Royal Rumble: UK Journalists Criticize Harry and Meghan’s Nigerian Visit Amid Heritage Revelations

Royal Rumble: UK Journalists Criticize Harry and Meghan’s Nigerian Visit Amid Heritage Revelations

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit To Nigeria

In recent weeks, the visit of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Nigeria has sparked significant controversy among UK journalists. This backlash largely stems from a complex mix of royal expectations, cultural sensitivities, and ongoing tensions surrounding the couple’s public image.

The visit, which was ostensibly to strengthen ties and engage in humanitarian efforts, including supporting military personnel and participating in cultural activities, was quickly overshadowed by criticisms from certain British media outlets. Critics argue that Harry and Meghan’s trip was more about generating positive publicity and repairing their fractured relationship with the public rather than genuine engagement with Nigerian communities ( (HELLO!).

UK Journalists Slams Harry and Meghan’s Nigeria Trip

One major point of contention has been Meghan Markle’s assertion of her Nigerian heritage. During a previous podcast episode, Meghan revealed that she discovered she is 43% Nigerian through a genealogy test. This revelation has been embraced by some Nigerians, who appreciated her acknowledgement and connection to their culture. However, UK journalists have been skeptical, questioning the timing and authenticity of her claims. Some commentators view this as an opportunistic move to gain favor in Nigeria and counteract negative perceptions in the UK (HELLO!) (

Further fueling the controversy is the perception that Harry and Meghan’s visit is part of a broader attempt to rebrand themselves as global philanthropists, detached from the British royal family. This narrative has been bolstered by their recent actions, including significant donations to Nigerian flood relief efforts and Meghan receiving a traditional Nigerian name from the country’s Invictus Games team. Critics argue that these gestures, while commendable, are overshadowed by what they perceive as the couple’s relentless pursuit of media attention and personal branding (HELLO!) (

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Additionally, the visit comes at a time when Prince Harry’s relationship with the rest of the royal family remains strained. The couple’s decision to engage in high-profile visits and philanthropic activities outside the UK is seen by some as a direct challenge to the royal family’s traditional roles and responsibilities. This has led to a narrative in the UK press that Harry and Meghan are “going rogue,” acting independently of the royal family’s protocols and expectations ( (


In summary, the criticism from UK journalists regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s visit to Nigeria highlights ongoing tensions related to their public personas and their strained relationship with the British royal family. While their efforts in Nigeria are lauded by some, the broader media reaction underscores the complexities and controversies that continue to follow the couple globally ( (