Unlocking Mystical Insights: Moonlight, the Innovative Tarot Platform by Danielle Baskin

Unlocking Mystical Insights: Moonlight, the Innovative Tarot Platform by Danielle Baskin

In the world of Bay Area artist Danielle Baskin, creativity knows no bounds. Known for her viral art installations and offbeat humor, Baskin has unveiled her latest project, Moonlight, with her signature whimsy intact. But this time, it’s not just a joke – it’s “SaaS for witches.”

Moonlight isn’t your average online platform. It’s a free tarot service where users can draw cards solo, engage in multiplayer readings, or even book sessions with certified tarot professionals. It’s like a virtual haven for all things mystical, with a sprinkle of Baskin’s distinctive charm.

But Moonlight is just one in a series of innovative ventures from Baskin. From Dialup, an app connecting strangers through phone calls, to quirky products like OneHoodie (hoodies with interchangeable logos) and Drone Sweaters (to keep drones warm), her repertoire is as eclectic as it is imaginative.

The idea for Moonlight arose from Baskin’s long-standing fascination with tarot, dating back to her days painting custom bike helmets adorned with tarot card designs. Inspired by her experiences trading tarot lessons for helmets, she envisioned a digital platform where seekers could connect with readers worldwide.

Teaming up with game designer Caroline Hermans, Moonlight took shape over two years, blending Baskin’s tarot expertise with Hermans’ UX skills. Funding initially came from Baskin’s sale of Maskalike, her photorealistic face mask business, but investors eventually hopped on board.

Despite her penchant for whimsy, Baskin is serious about Moonlight’s success. Learning from past ventures like Dialup, she’s implemented a solid business model from the start. With revenue streams from bookings and digital deck sales, Moonlight is already making waves in the online mystic community.

And contrary to stereotypes, Baskin found that witches are embracing technology with open arms. With Moonlight, she’s not just bridging the gap between ancient practices and modern tech – she’s creating a space where both can thrive in harmony.