Airtel Nasova Loans In Zambia 2024: How to Apply and Thrive Financially

Airtel Nasova Loans In Zambia 2024: How to Apply and Thrive Financially

Nasova Loans In Zambia 2024

A loan is a sum of money that one or more individuals or companies borrow from banks or other financial institutions to financially manage planned or unplanned events. In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, access to loans is crucial for personal and business growth. One of the most promising developments in Zambia’s financial sector is the introduction of loans.

What Are Nasova Loans In Zambia?

Money Nasova Loan is a short-term mobile loan paid directly into your Airtel Money wallet. The loan is simple and easy, with no savings or paperwork needed at all. If you pay your loan on time, every time, you could qualify for higher loan amounts and lower pricing on your loans.

How To Apply For The Nasova Loans In Zambia

Currently, Nasova loans are offered to just selected Airtel customers who use Airtel Money and the Airtel services. To apply for an Airtel Money Nasova Loan, you will need an Airtel Money wallet to get and pay your loan. The best part is that you do not need a bank account. The loan terms vary with a single payment at the end of the term that you choose.

You can only have one active loan at a time, but once you pay your loan, you could qualify for another loan possibly even a higher amount too, depending on how you use your Airtel Money wallet. You will need to enter your Airtel Money PIN for each transaction, this is to ensure that you have authorized the loan.

Nasova Loans

How To Pay The Nasova Loans In Zambia

To pay your Na Sova Cash loan, dial *115# and select option 5 ”Na Sova Loans” and enter your Airtel Money PIN to proceed. If you wish to pay your loan early, you can go to the “Repay my loan” option on the Na Sova services main menu which is accessed by dialing *115#, select option 5 and then choose option 2 ”Repay my loan” to proceed. Your outstanding balance will be shown and you can pay your loan in full or make a part payment.

Loan Fees For Nasova Loans In Zambia

The loan fees will depend on your loan amount, loan term and loan history with Nasova loans service. The loan fees can be seen when you apply for a loan. Paying your loan on time and making use of Airtel Money services could result in better fees on future loans.

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The New Nasova Loans In Zambia: KaFast Loans

Airtel Money Zambia and PremierCredit have joined forces to launch a new mobile loan service called “Na Sova KaFast Loan” aimed at promoting financial inclusion in the country. The partnership will allow eligible customers to obtain a loan at any time which will go directly into their Airtel mobile money accounts instantly through an online app.

“The launch of KaFast loan symbolizes a shift towards a future where financial assistance is not a privilege but a fundamental right,” said Vincent Malekani, Chief Executive Officer of PremierCredit. “Access to credit should not be determined by socio-economic status, but by the power of inclusion.”

“We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone as we partner with PremierCredit to launch the Nasova KaFast Loan on our Airtel Money Menu for our customers,” said Andrew Chuma, Airtel Mobile Commerce Country Director. “This partnership represents a fusion of expertise and a shared vision of driving financial inclusion and prosperity for all . By leveraging our extensive reach and PremierCredit’s robust financial offerings, we are poised to redefine the landscape of financial services in the region.”

How To Apply For Nasova KaFast Loan in Zambia

To be eligible for a KaFast loan, customers must be very active Airtel Money users for at least six months with a history of regular transactions and they must have a clean repayment record, no defaults on any previous Airtel Money loans.


By understanding various loans options and carefully navigating the borrowing process, individuals and businesses can unlock their full potential. Nasova loans in Zambia offer a crucial financial resource designed to support individuals and businesses in achieving their financial objectives. With a simple application process and competitive interest rates, Nasova loans play a significant role in promoting economic growth and financial inclusion across Zambia.

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