Google One VPN Discontinues Service: Users Directed to Third-Party Alternatives

Google One VPN Discontinues Service: Users Directed to Third-Party Alternatives

Google One VPN, a service provided by Google as part of its Google One subscription, will be discontinued later this year. Initially launched in October 2020 for Android users and later expanded to iOS devices and Macs in 2022, the VPN was aimed at providing added security and privacy for internet users. Initially bundled with the Premium 2TB storage plan for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, its availability was later extended to all Google One plans, including the more affordable option priced at $1.99 per month.

However, despite efforts to make it accessible to a wider audience, Google has announced the shutdown of the service. According to reports, the decision stemmed from low usage, with the company stating that “people simply weren’t using it.” Existing users will be guided towards third-party VPN alternatives for their privacy needs.

Although Google One VPN will be discontinued, Google assures its users that VPN functionality will still be available through its Google Fi cellular service. Additionally, Pixel users with Pixel 7 or newer models will retain access to VPN features via their device settings.

This move by Google reflects the shifting landscape of digital privacy and security services. Despite the increasing awareness of the importance of VPNs in safeguarding online activities, the specific implementation by Google One VPN may not have resonated strongly with users.

The decision to discontinue the service may also be influenced by the competitive market for VPNs, with numerous third-party options offering a wide range of features and pricing structures. By directing users to these alternatives, Google aims to ensure that customers still have access to VPN protection while streamlining its own service offerings.

Furthermore, Google’s commitment to providing VPN functionality through other avenues, such as Google Fi and Pixel devices, underscores its dedication to maintaining a secure online environment for its users. This strategic shift allows Google to focus resources on areas where it can provide the most value while leveraging partnerships and device integrations to enhance the overall user experience.