Eva Mendes Reflects on Balancing Motherhood and Career, Opens Up About Acting Hiatus

Eva Mendes Reflects on Balancing Motherhood and Career, Opens Up About Acting Hiatus

Eva Mendes – In a candid interview with NBC’s “Today” show, Eva Mendes delved into her journey from being a prominent actress to embracing full-time motherhood alongside her partner, actor Ryan Gosling. The renowned “Hitch” star, who last graced the screen in 2014, shared her insights into prioritizing family while maintaining a career in the entertainment industry.

Mendes highlighted the significance of spending quality time with her children, emphasizing the mutual understanding between herself and Gosling regarding their respective professional commitments. The couple, who first crossed paths on the set of “The Place Beyond the Pines” in 2012, has since built a family with their two daughters, fostering a supportive environment where each partner can pursue their career aspirations.

While Gosling temporarily stepped away from Hollywood between 2018 and 2021 to prioritize family, Mendes applauded his dedication to his craft, particularly his Oscar-nominated role in Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” movie. The actress affectionately referred to Gosling’s character as “Ken,” expressing immense pride in his accomplishments while eagerly anticipating his return home after the awards ceremony.

Reflecting on her own hiatus from acting, Mendes clarified misconceptions surrounding her departure from the industry in a heartfelt Instagram post. Contrary to assumptions of quitting acting, she reaffirmed her passion for the craft while prioritizing her role as a mother. Despite receiving offers for stereotypical roles, Mendes remained selective, opting to engage in projects that aligned with her artistic vision, such as her involvement in the ABC Kids series “Bluey” and her upcoming debut picture book, “Desi, Mami, and the Never-Ending Worries.”

As Mendes navigates the delicate balance between motherhood and career, her story serves as a testament to the complexities of modern womanhood and the empowering choices individuals make to prioritize family without compromising their professional aspirations.