Apple Set to Revolutionize Mac Lineup with M4 Chip: What to Expect in 2024-2025

Apple Set to Revolutionize Mac Lineup with M4 Chip: What to Expect in 2024-2025

M4-powered Macs – Apple is gearing up for a significant upgrade to its Mac lineup, introducing the M4 family of chips. According to a recent report from Bloomberg by Mark Gurman, Apple’s focus with these new chips is on enhancing artificial intelligence capabilities.

The M4-powered Macs chips are on the brink of production, with Apple aiming to introduce them across its entire range of Mac models. This transition will kick off later this year and will include a variety of Mac devices, such as a new iMac, a 14-inch MacBook Pro (lower-end), and both high-end 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. Additionally, a refreshed Mac mini is in the lineup for an upgrade.

The company plans to roll out the updated Macs starting late this year, extending into early next year. The goal is to equip all these devices with M4 chips, although Apple’s plans could potentially shift.

Looking ahead to 2025, Apple intends to continue introducing more M4-powered Macs. This includes updates to the MacBook Air series, the introduction of the Mac Studio around the middle of the year, and an update to the Mac Pro later in 2025.

The M4-powered Macs family will consist of an entry-level variant and at least two higher-performance versions. These chips are expected to emphasize their AI processing capabilities and their integration with the next version of macOS.

For the Mac Pro, Apple plans to introduce the new Hidra chip, catering to the demands of its dedicated user base. This includes potential support for up to half a terabyte of RAM, a significant upgrade from the current maximum of 192GB.

Interestingly, while Apple hasn’t yet released an M3-powered version of the Mac Studio or the Mac Pro, there’s still a possibility for it in the future. Gurman’s report hints at the potential for an M3 Mac Studio, possibly featuring a yet-to-be-released M3-era chip.

Overall, Apple’s move to the M4-powered Macs family of chips signals a significant leap forward in performance and AI capabilities for its Mac lineup, promising exciting developments for Mac users in the coming years.